Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Semester gone by

I had the last exam of my seventh semester today and this almost marks the end of my endeavours on the academic front for this calendar year-if there have been any!

Well, anyway exams at IISER have never been very enthusiastic for me. But, this is the only day when I look to them often with gloom to see nearly all my hopeful A's getting degraded into those realistic, stubborn B's. There is nothing harder than to console oneself to settle for something as menial as this.

More than anything I would remember this semester for something it did on the personal grounds. This shouldn't be discussed in spaces as open as this but I tell u .."Nearly all of my endeavors to reach where I once dreamt of are giving me those 'plane faces' ..everything seems to be gushing past me...and still there is not much that I can do about it. Tough times ahead..I think I need a break!

Tomorrow, we are being taken to Bangalore...It's an educational trip on the cover but I look forward to have a nice 'paid' outing with my friends.

See u next sem....

Saturday, November 7, 2009


"Nobody does solos better than Sachin Tendulkar. Nor perhaps has anyone endured as much heartbreak during these solos."

This was how a popular cricket website paid its tribute to a cricketing saga unfurled in Hyderabad which encapsulated the whole world but like one of the rare bollywood movies had a negative twist in the tale.....India lost......

Painful as it is, but as I read this and invariably during the match as well, I was getting faint memories of the Chennai test played ten years back against Pakistan. To avoid the consequential nightmares, I too made some serious enduring efforts..Kept myself glued to the "auspicious" chair in the hostel mess, let the whole dinner time pass and was contented with the gravies almost without any nearby presence of 'solidity' -that too brought by a very caring messwallah. And more importantly I was not alone,there were tens of those in the mess and millions out in the nation. All for one common goal-the maestro was at work.

But destiny had other plans. The hero of the day misjudged the pace of the debutant victorian and cricket was left to be a game of unspoken uncertainties.

Ten years back, when the genius was called for awards presentation, he didn't turn up and was found wrapped in a towel with his eyes swollen but this time he did accept the award as his eyes still reflected the agony in disbelief, only tears had given way to a gracious smile.

three cheers to the tallest structure in world cricket.

Friday, October 16, 2009

first one

Well...this is my first post and I must acknowledge the influence as well as the stimulus of some of the very articulate souls around me for whose efforts I have finally been able to cross the threshold for opening myself to the 'general' public hereon..

Now, the salient part of this change has certainly been the 'netconnect' that I bought recently
but I would lie if I won't say the role my mid-sem exams played in invoking some literary spirits even if they could just might be for sheding the effects.

Watch out for me