Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Semester gone by

I had the last exam of my seventh semester today and this almost marks the end of my endeavours on the academic front for this calendar year-if there have been any!

Well, anyway exams at IISER have never been very enthusiastic for me. But, this is the only day when I look to them often with gloom to see nearly all my hopeful A's getting degraded into those realistic, stubborn B's. There is nothing harder than to console oneself to settle for something as menial as this.

More than anything I would remember this semester for something it did on the personal grounds. This shouldn't be discussed in spaces as open as this but I tell u .."Nearly all of my endeavors to reach where I once dreamt of are giving me those 'plane faces' ..everything seems to be gushing past me...and still there is not much that I can do about it. Tough times ahead..I think I need a break!

Tomorrow, we are being taken to Bangalore...It's an educational trip on the cover but I look forward to have a nice 'paid' outing with my friends.

See u next sem....