Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

Honestly, it has been quite a long time since I sat with an empty head to see things the way they are....feels like I had always had a biased view, at times overly inclined in tune with my own pursuits.

Ah, sounds like I am in some redemption mode, the one where u say "yeah, it learnt me a lot despite the consequences ". Not to mention, this kind of mood is something very common whenever a semester ends, and fortunately, this being the last semester, it strikes gently with a healing touch: Bye-bye everything that I didn't prefer to do.... It is then only that u see a sudden void and with a deep breath there comes a sigh saying there were certain things that I will surely miss .

It really has been a long time since I did things which I liked or at least said that I liked .To start with, the very word "blog" proved to be a "personal nemesis" after an earlier post tweaked the aversion of society (the one I live in) with what is known as the "Right of free expression"

Then there were other instances unfortunately quite abundant this semester which tasted every virtue that I could relate to endurance which I possessed. These rampant hooh-hahs finally seem settling down and hopefully I can start on my exams slated next month onwards.

Meanwhile, I missed lots of action in the recent past: IPL proved far more than just a cricket tournament with a solid storyline for a bollywood flick where a minister,a CEO and a special someone, all very powerful acts in their own league had a common grudge in the end: all had to vacate their posts. Then, out of nowhere, certain group of couples have attracted the interest of whole nation with the national judiciary standing up against the local caste panchayats for their issue of barbaric diktats in Haryana.

Hooh, the power has gone and this turns me to notice that Pune is getting hotter with each passing day...Plant more trees!!!

Yeah, the last issue of National Geographic (Apr 2010) has tremendously influenced me on water related matters mostly because of it's rich photographic content nicely pitched with a coherent penwork. I would rather urge u to have a look at it, if it is not too much of a trouble.
see with no power, I am stumbling on the more essential or rather objective things in life.

well with an empty head only Random thoughts can spring on a lad. Bear with this till I am back with something significant.