Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I, me n yet another transposition

Now that u know me, I am unrestrained to say that I have had yet another change of address. This time it’s because some erudite scholar, obsessed with the idea of anonymity in our mythological epics thought that “why not the takers of his newly-fangled course in a newly fangled institute should follow the heroes in those epics n spend their last year of education enduring the rigours of an obscure habitat ? ”

Well, as part of that rummy scheme I was shipped to IISER kolkata from pune. To add to your enlightened conviction, I already have a fair amount of transfer certificates in my kitty, given the air of indecision that I carried in my teenage years. So, this new move didn’t evoke much emotion in my already lingered heart as much as it did upset my parents who had put their weights in favour of me, joining IISER Kolkata, if anyway I chose to shun engineering, four years ago. But, Pune sprung far too glamorous, replete with amenities, that a teen of my thoughts could imagine.

First statute that u will notice about IISER Kolkata is it’s remoteness, both physical and incorporeal. It incarnates all the communist ideologies, in their entirety, in the metaphysical sense. On it’s physical alienation, I would say that it won’t be too long before China actually makes a stake for it, along with other regions in north-east.

My existence here has been slightly bumpy, if not loathsome. I do not intend to complain but there is something seriously wrong with the sense of humour that people possess around here. I mean one can live with the restraints on food or water but with people who don’t respond to ur pokes could at times, be bothersome. At this point, I sincerely miss my plump roommate, whose sight itself incited the laughing hormones, notwithstanding the numerous interludes of “no-talk” mandates that we signed together.

Added to my woes, I am being taken as a “reference” here to compare the academic standards of these two institutes. Faculty possesses a keen interest in what courses was I taught there, especially in what was I not taught n somehow it transpires to them, that those were the only important thing in those courses. I have an invitation from almost all the faculty who have been acquainted with me to attend the courses, they are offering. Students, on the other hand show an aquiline interest in my GPA. But, what has exacerbated my plight here, is one damn funny thing that happened to these guys when they visited pune in 2008.

It turns out that a bunch of highly enthusiastic students under some sober faculty visited IISER pune for participating in latter’s cultural fest. The students with an overflowing zeal, but lacking in substance had strenuously prepared for their performances, which when delivered on stage fetched them “ek do, teen, char, karo ye attyachayar......”. The mild mannered Bengali faculty, disconcerted, concluded that this denigration is characteristic of an unruly mob particularly found in Bihar and eastern UP. So, as soon as I told him the details of my nativity, he was taken aback. All he could ask me was why did we inflict such a pain on our supposed to be batchmates. All I did, in answer was to wait for him to pay for my refreshments.