Friday, November 26, 2010


Occasionally, we come across strangers who interest us in first glance, without any attempt of communication being made. There is certain indescribable knack in the glance, which I do not know, if is bilateral prima facie, but is present one way atleast. The oddity commits u to extend the glance to a stare. Now this stare is exploratory, as the curiosity explores for the features that instilled it in. And, they are not just eyes that are engaged. A whole lot of “intending” organs tend to express themselves in ways that is unknown to any language formation. The eyes are mere forerunners which are made “scapegoats” for the activities, far more devised and machinated than the best practising organizations can think of!

With all these sequential programs running, the mainframe at times, hangs and hooh! our eyes get caught. Entire process gets in a reconciliatory mode. There is a certain rush of something in the back of our head. The whole of brain reneges on its compartmentalized responsibilities and gets into an emergency “guilt” situation. All our resources are spent on a single objective: search for any fragment of any idea that could regain our lost dignity. And see the irony of the situation, almost invariably they are again eyes, which are assigned to work our way out of this impossibly difficult predicament.

Retrieving some courage and anticipating that the “subject” might also share the same, the eyelids elevate themselves with caution. They reach up to the point from where they were "dishonorably discharged" and find the other pair of “forerunners” waiting, often with hope. Bingo, instantly they drop down! This time with a zeal as if they have hit a jackpot. The spasms which characterized the mournful loss of respect till now, give way to a certain sense of delight exuding a feeling of acceptance. The self confidence levels reach astronomical heights.

The real game starts now. Both parties intend to “embark” on this newly found interest. But all they manage is essentially a “one step forward, two step backward” process. They continue to look in other’s direction, only till the moment they r not caught. If this session is prolonged further, these are characterized by isolated and restricted smiles. Even these smiles are inducive! If u understand or have experienced what I m talking u w’d know how powerful u have to be in order to curtail the imminent reciprocation. These smiles are pretty vulnerable as well, its very probable that while downhilling the slopes of one of these smiles, the braver of the two w’d say: “Hi, I m Abhijeet”!

N exactly at that moment he w’d break a relationship that they shared all these years..... yeah, they were “Strangers”!

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